About Me

I always loved drawing and painting, so I took every art class throughout high school. However, I had to pay for college, and I loved math and science, so I studied engineering while working at General Motors. I continued to draw after moving to Salt Lake City for graduate school. In 1989, I moved to Vermont and fell in love with the state.

After 25 years in engineering, I took local watercolor classes as therapy for chronic pain. I combined this with my love for taking photographs, so I could use the computer to "develop" my photos and study composition, lighting, and contrast.   This attention to detail and planning, combined with the watercolor classes, has resulted in realistic portraits, landscapes, and illustrations.

I believe composition is key to conveying the "story" or "feeling" of drawings and paintings.  I spend hours sketching plein air and live models, taking photographs, studying paintings, and drawing.  I am always amazed at what can be seen or felt using a simple piece of paper and a pencil.


about me